Hello, flexible working dream. We’ve been traveling towards increased remote working for years. Research from Global Workplace Analytics shows home working in the US has grown by 173% since 2005, but pre-pandemic only 3.6% of the workforce did it more than half of the week. Post-crisis, Global Workplace Analytics reckons it will up to 30%. It’s been a long time coming, but now employers can see that it’s not necessary to have everyone where they can be seen, all of the time. Enforced remote working has shown that it’s possible to carry on without having anyone in the office, and that trusting staff to manage their own time isn’t such Italy Phone Number List a bad idea. Flexible working can now finish off presenteeism. Employees want it and have shown what many already knew: that they can be responsible, productive and present without the need for constant supervision or even turning up for work. 

The side-effects are welcome: less commuting, fewer cars on the roads, less energy used in mega-offices. And with up 60% of desks always empty, there are better ways of using all that space. Doing more with less Before the pandemic brands were assessing and often cutting massive agency budgets, taking creative work in-house or finding more effective ways to produce content. Lockdown has put an immediate end to wasteful, costly practices, removing at a stroke the resource of a huge film crew or big teams. It’s forcing creatives to be more creative and the result has been some rapidly executed, brilliant work, and possibly better than would have been made with more money and time. Brands have taken to producing their own work: Kraft Heinz employees made a commercial, complete with a voiceover from a plant worker. We’ve seen what can be done with less, and reverting to the big budget, big teams model is going to be harder, for agencies and clients. It’s made honesty a core value, something that often gets diluted by lengthy production and too much money. Leaner, smaller, and smarter has been approaching for some time. Now that the new reality has arrived, there’s no going back. Check out the Future of Marketing Is Creative to learn how you can combine creativity and intelligence in your organization.