Interviewer : Amit Patole

Common :
01. Tell me about your self.
02. Working project? Activity done by you.

Stack : .Net
01. Explain MVC Architecture?
02. How to share the data from view to controller?
03. Why we need model in MVC?
04. What is routing?
05. Routing process in MVC.
06. What are the benefits of MVC?
07. What is difference between var & let keyword in JavaScript?
08. What is difference between Interface & Abstract Class? And where to use it.
09. What is localization & what is globalization?
10. What are the filters?
11. What are the action verbs?
12. What is difference between GET & POST?
13. What are the action form methods in HTML forms?
14. How to achieve security in API.
15. How to achieve role based security in API?
16. What are the joins in SQL?
17. What is left join & right join? Can we use left join as right join?
18. What is dependency injection?
19. What is lazy and eager loading?
20. Explain working of MVC?