Client Name : Synoverge

Interview questions :
1. What is use of update panel in web forms in asp.Net?
2. What is view state variable in web forms in asp.Net?
3. What is session variable application variable in web forms in asp.Net?
4. Difference between Primary Key, Unique Key.
5. How many null values unique key contains?
6. Query structure for trigger in SQL Server.
7. How to get the last query inserted/updated in table using trigger.
8. How to check the query was inserted/updated in table using trigger.
9. Condition : table Department(columns : Id, Name) & Employee(columns: Id, name , deptId, salary).
Write a query to get count of employee with department name and department Id
10. SQL joins? Types
11. What is cross join? Explain with example.
12. What is stored procedure?
13. What is function?
14. Difference between stored procedure & function.
15. what is view?
16. What is version control?
17. What is cursor?
18. What is abstract class?
19. What is interface?
20. Where we can use interface & abstract class?
21. Method overloading?
22. Method overriding?
23. What is encapsulation?
24. Condition Method with same name and same parameters, one with int and other with decimal return type.
Can we call it as method overloading.
25. Why we use API?
26. What is difference between Web application & API?