Client Name : Linkin Time Interviewer : Dinesh Chaudhari

01. What are the four pillers of OOPS? & Explain.
02. What is difference between Encapsulation & Abstraction.
03. Condition : SqlConnection obj = new SqlConnection(ConnectionString);

What can we call it? Abstraction / Encapsulation.

04. What is MVC? Explain.
05. What is routing?
06. What are the Custom Filters in MVC?
07. What are the filters?
08. What is Static class?
09. Types of Constructors?
10. What is Static Constructor?
11. Can we call partial view inside partial view?
12. What is Dependency Injection?
13. Example of Dependency Injection.
14. What are the joins in SQL?
15. What is stored procedure?
16. Can we call stored procedure inside stored procedure.
17. Difference between UNION & UNION ALL