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Software Testing
Software Testing
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Lina- Taisys

Explain project??
What is your day to day activity?
What is challenge you have facing in manual testing?
Questions related previous project?
2.project explanation and domain you know about capital market and its working in terms of finance domain
Client: IMS Learning Resources Private Limited 1.Introduction. 2.Scenario based question on website (examine and what would bugs you detect) 3.what bug report would you issue if while navigating to different page it take time to load. what factors/parameter would you... (More)
Client:- DeUS Tech Services:- 1.Tell me about yourself 2.Tell me your role 3.What is bug trace 4.What is bug likage 5.What is Regular expression 6.What is test strategy 7.User acceptance testing 8.System testing 9.Bug life cycle 10.Database testing 11.What you... (More)