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Client Name: Netcore 1. about project you have done deeply asked 2. Middleware 3. Authentication 4. Goroutine and Channel 5. Waitgroup ? why we need it? 6. Difference between concurrency and parallelism 7. What is left join and right join... (More)
Client Name: Netcore
1.About project?
2.What is goroutine and channels?
3.Types of channels?
4.Program on waitgroup and goroutine?
5.{"id":1,"param_a": 1,"param_b":2}
{"id":2,"param_a": 2,"param_b":3}
{"id":3,"param_a": 3,"param_b":4}
Calculate total of param?
6.Why goroutine is lightweight?
7.Difference between goruntime and os runtime?
Client Name : Unit Grid 1. About Project 2. What is Middleware? 3. Can we create our own middleware? 4. Authentication or jwt? 5. Goroutine and Channel 6. What is Groups? 7. Waitgroup 8. Scenario based question on goroutine? 9.... (More)
Client Name:Unit Grid 1.About project 2.Can you create custom middleware in golang? 3.Difference between postgres and nosql? 4.What is JWT? Parts of JWT? 5.What is middleware? 6.What is omitempty in struct? 7.Which docker image you used in your project? 8.Why... (More)