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Muddasar - TATA Elxsi, L1 - Java 2 coding questions One is array base exclude element if you encounter 6 till u reach 7 Given string day and number print next day Stream advantages disadvantages in appache camel how to... (More)
Darshil - Niveus Solutions Pvt Ltd, L1 - Nodejs 1. what is ES6 concept? 2. how can you upload files and images in node js ? 3. what is callback? explain with example? 4. find the third largest element from... (More)
Murtaza - Samcom Technobrains Pvt. Ltd., L1 - Android 1. What is intent 2. What is interface 3. What are abstract classes 4. What are four components of android 5. What is Activity 6. What is fragment 7. What is... (More)
Khoda - Niveus Solutions Pvt Ltd, L1 - Flutter

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