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Shashikala - Duronto, L1 - PHP 1. what is the output $name = "Shashikala"; print('strlen("$Name")'); 2. what is the output $x = '20'; if($x === 20) { print "good"; } else { print "bad"; } 3. what is the output... (More)
shirisha updated 10 days ago
Maltina - Sharekhan Screening round - IOS

- overloading and overriding in ios
- opps and polymorphism
- inheritance
- widgets on iphone
- your best project and facility
- who to append two arrays
Nayana - Xebia, L1 - Business AnalystBusiness Analyst 1. Brief about our self 2.Role of Business analyst 3.Any difference between Business and system requirements,will system requirements help for business requirements 4.User story and how u will write user story 5.Jira... (More)
client name- Neebal- Yes Bank 1. Tell me about Yourself? 2. detail description about Project? 3. How you write User Story for Login,Forget password, Payment section/ 4. explain the payment Module in your last project? 5. scenario on Transcation Module... (More)