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jebinkhatunseo updated 7 days ago

Unique To A Specific Program

Hello, flexible working dream. We’ve been traveling towards increased remote working for years. Research from Global Workplace Analytics shows home working in the US has grown by 173% since 2005, but pre-pandemic only 3.6% of the workforce did it more... (More)

Preeti - QA - Xebia, L1 1.Self intro experience 3.Automation frame work 4.x-path 5.Locator 6.funtional and non functional testing 7.agile methrology. 8.explain current project man tool limitations 10.configuring jmeter for integration run of 2 api 11.put method in... (More)
client name - network 18

Introduce yourself
why you choosed to be a node js developer?
what is redis server ? have you used?
what are difficutlies faced using redis server?
client name - Fission Labs tell me about yourself? Arrow and normal function difference Git pull and git rebase difference Use of docker what is Promises Payment gateway flow , if transaction fails then what will be flow If there... (More)